Gypsy Cobs have the most amazing natures and senses of humour, and always so willing to try! We are proud to introduce you to ours:

Introducing Coates Candy Crush

Dob may 2018
Palomino pearl tobiano colt
Currently 13 hands

Cc was imported early 2020 and with his unusual color he will bring new bloodlines and exciting colors to the breeding program. Sire – Mr Smith (red pearl tobiano) Dam – Coates Candy Floss (palomino cremello tobiano) Cc breeding goes back to The Business and The Boss (UK)

PeggySue's Shiloh

Dob 2/1/2018
Piebald colt
Shiloh was born in Sa from imported stock, correctly standing at 13.2

Dam – Rose
Sire – Snoopy

Shiloh’s breeding goes back to Blank Cheque on his Dams side.

The Lob eared horse and Sids Good Stallion on his Sires side.
Shiloh is maturing into a gentle, laid back colt. I’m looking forward to him siring foals in due course.

PeggySue's Cappacino

Dob 26/92016
Dark bay colt
Cappacino was our first foal born in Sa from Izzy and Snoopy.
Cappacino has grown into an amazing level headed, well mannered young stallion with a great work ethic.

Sire – Snoopy – 14.1 hands.
Dam – Izzy –  14.2 hands.
Cappacino – 13.2 hands and still maturing.

Cappacino ‘s breeding goes back to Sid’s Good Stallion, The Lob eared horse and Roadsweeper mare on his Sires side and The Checkity horse and the Lob eared horse on his dams side. This year will be Cappacinos first breeding season and we are so excited to see what this stallion will produce.


Lilly is a tricolour mare, standing 13.2 hands.
She is Homozygous for colour.

She was born in May 2007 in Kent, England and bred from Bella (The Cart Mare) who goes back to The Roadsweeper and Saxon (whose sire is now standing in the USA) who goes back to Sid’s Good Stallion and The Lob Eared Horse.
She arrived in South Africa in September 2011.

Lilly is backed and her schooling is going well. She loves jumping.

Snoopy (SOLD)

Snoopy is a 13.2 piebald stallion.
His sire’s breeding is said to go back to The Sweeper Mare and Shogun.

Born in April 2011 in Kent, England, he arrived in South Africa in September 2011.

Snoopy is backed and has had some schooling and jumping.

2015 was his first breeding season and he has been a gentle stallion with his mares and happily lives with his girls.

Acresdale Dolly Parton (Izzy)

Izzy is a piebald mare standing 14.2 hands. She was born in April 2009 in Lancastershire, England. She arrived in South Africa in April 2012.

Her breeding on her dam’s side is said to go back to The old Horse of Wales and her breeding on her sire’s side (DNA proven) goes back to The Full Monty who is from The Checkity Stallion and Fred Walker’s Mare, who is by the famous Lob Horse.

Izzy is backed and schooled and loves to jump!

Ingleborough Acorn (Rose)

Rose was born in April 2011 in Lancastershire, England. She arrived in South Africa in April 2012.

Rose is a piebald mare currently standing 14 hands but still growing. Bred from Blank Cheque,Rose is homozygous for colour.

Rose is backed and being slowly schooled – she enjoys her work!

Acresdale Saskia

Born in May 2011, in Lancastershire, England Saskia is a 14.1 bay mare and still growing.
She arrived in South Africa in April 2012.

Her sire, Andy’s Boy (now in France), is said to have been bred from the famous Gypsy Cob Breeders Andrew Moulden’s stallion The White Horse.