The Gypsy cob breed originates from the Shire, Clydesdale, Fell, Dale, Welsh Sect. D and Fresian. The breed was introduced by Gypsies who needed a  sturdy, strong, hire to pull their colorful wagons through England and Ireland.
Most Gypsies are bred back to the original two, Sonny May and The Coal Horse. The breed had to be athletic yet hardy and easy to keep but quiet enough to teach their kids how to ride.
Traditionally used for driving, they excel at dressage, showing, jumping and both English and Western styles.

The Gypsy Cob has many wonderful qualities, the beauty is immediately noticed. Spend time with a gypsy and their warm, gentle nature is a blessing. They are extremely social, likely to be the  most gentle and docile horse in the world, they are eager to please and will do, with beauty and style.
Gypsy cobs are sturdy, with heavy bone, flat knee and a short back. They have an abundance of feather which starts at the knee and hock and covers the hoof. The mane and tail are thick and flowing with some having double manes.

Black and white is the most common colour but bay/white, red/white and blue / white and tricolour and Solid colors with splashed white on the belly ( blagdon) are acceptable. All colours are prized.

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